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150lm/W ( Dimmable Panel Light)

150LM/W  Dimmable Panel Light 
  • TypeName:SL-PLE301225-J-T, SL-PLE606025-J-T, SL-PLE626225-J-T, SL-PLE601240-J-T,
  • Specifications: SAA TUV CE LM79  LM80

  • 150LM/W LED Dimmable Panel Light

    Performance Parameters
    ● Luminance Efficacy: Frosted Cover: 150LM/W
    ● Power Consumption: 25W / 40W
    ● Input Voltage:AC200~240V
    ● Color Temperature: 3000-6500k
    ● Beam Angle: 120°
    ● Operation Temperature: –20℃~40℃
    ● Storage Temperature : -20℃ to +60℃
    ● LED Type: 2835 LED
    ● Lifespan: >50,000hours
    ● Driver Type: Isolation Driver
    ● Operating Humidity  : ≤85%

    Product Feature

    1. It has various advantages of strong lumen conventional panel lamp.

    2. Realize Dali dimming and color matching. With intelligent panel light function.

    3. Use environment: Hotel, factory, office, etc.

    Product Dimensions 

    Model L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
    SL-PLE301225-J-T 295 1195 10
    SL-PLE606025-J-T 595 595 10
    SL-PLE626225-J-T 620 620 10
    SL-PLE601240-J-T 595 1195 10

    “SL” indicates Strong Luming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
    “P” indicates panel light.
    “A” indicates out of the way of light: L=side-lit panel, B=backlit panel.
    “E” indicates Certification Type: E=CE TVU.
    “BCDF” indicates product dimensions: 6060=595*595mm, 3012=295*1195mm, 6262=620*620mm, 6012=595*1195mm.
    “GH” indicates product power: 25=25W 36=36W 40=40W 50=50W
    “X” indicates product CCT: A=2700KN=3000KL=4000KC=5000KK=5500KW=6000K-6500KM=Double CCTH=Three CCT.
    “Y” indicates the Luminance Efficacy: N= ≤100LM/W, H=110-120LM/W, T=140-150LM/W, P=170-180LM/W, S=190-200LM/W, R=220-230LM/W.
    Product structure chart

    Product technical parameters
    Model Light effect(lm/w) Luminous flux(Lm) Power(W) CCT(K) CRI(Ra) Life(h) Dimming mode IP Grade Applicable temperature
    SL-PLE301225-J-T 150 3750 25


    continuously adjustable

    >80 50000 Dali dimming IP20

    Operating temperature

    and range:-20-40°C≤85%RH

    SL-PLE606025-J-T 3750 25
    SL-PLE626225-J-T 3750 25
    SL-PLE601240-J-T 6000 40
    Installation method

    1.Embedded:The installation environment requires that the ceiling has a standard size ceiling or keel. To install it, you only need to remove the ceiling at the corresponding position, and then replace it with the corresponding panel light. No additional installation accessories are required.

    Installation environment requirements, snap springs embedded, opening holes in the ceiling, the size of the opening is small rain panel lamp size, and then rely on the elastic force of the spring to attract the lamp to the ceiling (as shown above)

    2.Ceiling mounted:Installation environment requirements, the height of the storey is high, the ceiling is keel or solid wall structure, and the lamp is suspended in the room by the suspender (as shown in the above picture)

    3.Ceiling type:

    1.Determine the location of the lamp to be installed, directly screw on the screw, and fix the aluminum adapter frame on the cement roof.

    2.Connect the wires internally and make sure the power is on

    3Place the lamp body in the aluminum frame

    4.The whole lamp is installed, the overall appearance is elegant, the whole thickness is about 4cm

    Packing diagram

    1. Commercial packaging

    Model Carton Box(mm) N.W.(Kg)/PCS G.W/(Kg)/Carton PCS/Carton
    SL-PLE301225-J-T L*W*H=1285*135*400 2.3 15.0 6
    SL-PLE606025-J-T L*W*H=685*135*700 2.4 15.6 6
    SL-PLE626225-J-T L*W*H=710*135*725 2.6 16.8 6
    SL-PLE601240-J-T L*W*H=1285*135*700 4.8 21.2 4

    Photometric Data

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