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Italy LED market information

Researchers at the Milan Polytechnic University in Italy have presented a "efficient & intelligent lighting report" that describes a scenario where Italy‘s LED and smart lighting market is expected to grow at double-digit rates by 2020. This means that in 2020, in addition to the value of 140 million euros of intelligent lighting market, Italy‘s LED market will be from 1990 to 900 million euros growth and more than 1.2 billion euros.

Milan Institute of Technology researchers joint trade association to study the residential, industrial, public lighting LED communication and intelligent lighting program. Research shows that despite the potential for future development of LED technology, the current penetration of LED technology is still low. The report also pointed out that by 2020, LED and intelligent control system from the original 8% to 42%.

The chart below shows the current market situation in Italy. Store (third-party market) is characterized by small penetration of LED, intelligent lighting solutions of high penetration. In the office, LED and intelligent lighting solutions are very popular. But in the industry, the growth rate of the two is very slow. Among them, occupy the largest share of the residential part, mainly due to LED lights in the home of the rapid 
Let us take a closer look at the 2020 Italian lighting market forecast. Italy, the number of home lighting LED products will reach 400 million. Compared with 2015, the industrial lighting market will grow 80%, LED products in the Italian factory in the installation ratio will account for 20%. In public lighting, the number of LED lights in 2020 will reach 3.5 million, an annual savings of 1TWh of electricity (accounting for 5% of total electricity).

Office intelligent lighting is more popular

In the field of office, LED and intelligent lighting market is very broad, they are not only more efficient and more intelligent, humane. The lighting system includes intelligent control and management equipment, with a complete range of sensors and intelligent city service infrastructure.

The report pointed out that in 2020, Italy will have more than 680,000 people involved in intelligent lighting products (almost 2.7% of the total number of households). (Compared to 0.7% of the total number of households) compared with 180,000 in 2015. In the industrial sector, there will be 20,000 small businesses, 770 medium-sized enterprises and 150 large enterprises in 2020 Intelligent technology, a total of 20% of the total number of enterprises, the future is expected to be in the business and office to improve the penetration of intelligent lighting; public lighting, the proportion of intelligent street lighting is expected to grow from 3% in 2015 to 8%.


In the past five years, the Italian LED and intelligent lighting market is expected to usher in a substantial expansion of domestic enterprises should be how to enter this round of growth climax, to win the Italian market? Have such a chance to put in front of you ...

October 6, 2017, the 6th Italian International Electron Lighting Show (Illuminotronica 2017) will be held in Padua, Italy. The three-day Italian lighting exhibition is hosted by the Consortium Tecnoimprese exhibition company, once a year, with the support of the local government, as well as the Italian Electronics Association and the Italian Lighting Association, as Italy‘s only and most professional international electronic lighting Exhibition, exhibition scale is increasing year by year.

The Italian International Electronic Lighting Show in the last product quality, design novel, set technology, innovation and design in one, can be described as Italy LED lighting lighting, home intelligent lighting technology milestone development, and for the next expansion of the exhibits category , Display lighting new technology laid the foundation.